The Day Our Planet was Healed

by VHSghost

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is dedicated to the Urban Space Defenders,the pariahs,the rebels and the Underground Resistance of any kind against the Elite and the conspirators.

special thanks for the album artwork by Theo Laios


released May 21, 2017



all rights reserved


VHSghost Athens, Greece

VHSg is the ID of an anonymous anti-hero keepin' dem beatz alive as they should be, lo-fi,creepy & trippy.
awakening consciousness with telekinetic sound patterns
evoking with LFO & spells more allies to join the fight ,calling the defenders of the galaxy to bring peace, justice & harmony of the cosmos to all earthlings.
opposed to the alien conspirators & their earthly pawns, we shall prevail!
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Track Name: Giallo Joggin' Joke
I was send alone down here
to arouse the rebel fear

on this town of little lies
i ll seduce their human minds

turn them up and turn them down
switch this mystic turn around

there are people that want death
but they meet their own instead

their agendas marked with blood
& black leather marks their masks

in this town of little lies
you can feel the tide now rise

their beating is slow
they are getting low

as they hear their masters come
the sad servants are they shivering to the sight of the unknown creatures
what they served was but a sick fantasy
never thought could end that way

something is going on
things are not as they should be

how does it feel
to be trapped inside your game

in this wicked game of spies
there is death to meet them all
more enough than this old world
like a giallo joggin' joke
Track Name: Urban Space Defenders
[freestyle vocoded borg-slang lyrics]

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier
down in the dark
internal of the internet
is taking all their time

over the skies
thetrees are breeding
- alien disguise

hey ho - say so
victims of their crimes

a-b-c is just to see
the air that we are bound
people come - people go
faces in the sky,
the pressence of this universe
in a human present time

(people move along)
is this turning all about?
(in space we are heading - we are heading on)
perish to the sky?

faces turn and people laugh

- make this space a living worth -

around them
round the dirt
and round
around & round
we' re the people of the underground

face the world
and ride on
face people's lies
and ground them

mess their dirt

make them pay
Track Name: Anunnaki Dance
tradicional mesopotamian anunnaki gibberish psalms
Track Name: Until Dawn (In the Crepuscule)

[lyrics not to be sang but mesmerized as a futurescape]

such a wing unsettled down
through the hills the soft mist spreading

a deserted peace of mind
in a future full of colors

years have passed , centuries fading
days and nights of timid honor

it's the time that urban sounds
cover up those neon lights

noises covering the senses
in the city's golden glow

some poor children lay in snow
while the restless cary on

faces lost in winds of time
in a black hole of deprive

they still gather ragged clothes
pieces of the self they bought

lost in romance made of brands
facing screens to warm their hearts

and the sirens of the night
silently mixed into a haze of screams and cries

there are things nobody seems to want to know
to take seriously as they roll

more of reasons to unfold
to the ways they had to act

underneath a shade of black
there are flowers mixed with gold

glitter falls up from the clouds
stars are sparkling in the wide

wild nature stands all bright and bold
love has conquered all we've know

and the winds keep whistling down
to an empty sparkling town